[bLe] Code of Conduct

AoC players of all skill levels are welcome to become a part of [bLe]. We do not require a certain level of skill to become a part of this team. What we require is activeness, sportsmanship, and kindness. There are very simple laws written in the Emperor's Code of Conduct. These laws should always be respected and upheld. Those who violate will face the appropriate consequences.

1. Be kind to everyone.

2. Be active and loyal to the team.

3. Honor the [bLe] tag.

4. Play in your appropriate lobbies and ladder(s). NO smurf-ing!

5. Play as a team. Win or lose. Do not rage quit, and tell team before resigning.

6. Do not cheat, troll, or waste time in games. Play with respect.

7. Always strive to improve your game.

8. Help your teammates to do the same.

9. Respect the CoC of other websites.

Always respect the CoC (as well as the staff) of Voobly, AoCzone, or any other websites. These codes exist only to ensure we each show respect toward one another and make for positive and happy environments for their members.

10. Always remember... AoC is only a game... ;good

GL and HF

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